QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response code) is a machine-readable optical label that contains information about the item to which it is attached. For example, a tourist may download a QR code scanning program using his android hand phone in order to read the content of the said QR code.

It is very easy to scan QR codes on your iPad or iPhone, because Apple already built a QR code reader right into its camera up. So it is quite a simple process if you need to scan something.

How To Promote Tourism Using QR Code?

In line with various district growth strategies, the tourism sector should be highlighted as an important agenda in its development. Each district should take the necessary steps to woo the tourists to come here and promote the economy. There are many ways to promote each district to tourists, such as by improving existing information flow to them. We do not want to get the feedback that we have good places to visit but unfortunately the information is only available in the language spoken by the locals. Steps can be taken train more tourist guides, build more tourist information centers, print flyers and travel booklets, signage and everything else to please tourists to come to Tangkak.

However, these steps require a lot of capitals to be invested. What can we do now if we have a low budget especially after the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 outbreak?

By using QR Codes, each district will become a tourist-friendly town at minimal cost . For example, you may raise a QR Code stand at a tourist attraction spot to contain readings in multiple languages and audio visual of the said activity. Tourists will scan the QR Code in order to obtain the information, see photos and videos. Or listen to audio guides, share interesting information on social platforms, and get directions on Google maps.

It’s time to go mobile! So we use their smartphone in order for them to obtain unlimited tourist information. Let there be no language barrier. Let paint our district with QR Codes.

The QR Codes can be put on many sign-boards across our districts. Each QR Code will be linked to certain webpage and phone numbers to help people learn about tourist spots available.

Smartphones are of great use in translating the information to the language of their choice. This is important as it removes any language barrier. Thus, making it easier for tourists to explore and get around our place.

Instead of waiting for tourists to search information using Google, why not push information on their smartphones by using QR codes?

In this smartphones era, adopting mobile engagement strategies is a must. Instead of investing in capital intensive and ancient techniques, cities should leverage the smartphone of tourists as a medium to increase flow of information. It is using the infrastructure of your audience (the smartphone in this case) to solve your problem (flow of information).

You can provide them with information they are looking for such as directions, notes on historical significance, stories, reviews, emergency numbers and do’s and don’ts. It’s time for your city to go hi-tech. It’s possible even with a low budget.