Oysters are exotic food

They are somewhat irregular in shape and are consumed cooked or raw. For some societies, oysters are regarded as exotic food. It is said that zinc and other contents in oysters are essential for testosterone production and maintenance of healthy sperm. It will also boost dopamine, a hormone that promotes libido in both women and men.

Extinction of oyster reef

It is written in a journal entitle “The Journal Of The Indian Archipelago And Eastern Asia by J.R. Logan (1858) that the River of Kassang was famous of its oysters. It says “The mouth of the river is famous for its oyster beds, the fish being very large and of excellent flavor“.

However, currently there is no more oysters at this place due to developments and human impacts. We are still lucky to be able to see the remaining oyster population at Muar River and coastal lines of Kesang today. This is the reason why local authorities are trying to promote a campaign on oyster reef restoration. Oyster reef restoration refers to the process of rebuilding or restoring oyster reefs at Muar River and coastal lines of Kesang using artificial materials and natural components to rebuild the reefs in an attempt to regenerate the oyster population thus fostering the reformation of reefs.

This program is still at negotiation stage with the authorities and we will update you from time to time.

Current oyster population at Muar River is showing that it is at the brink of extinction

Oysters from Muar River taste best

Eating an oyster at a restaurant is nice and its flavor is explosive when it comes straight from the brackish water of Muar River. You eat it moments just after it’s been plucked and shucked. It is said that the oysters from Muar River taste best. Further more, it was recorded in a journal that oysters from Muar River were famous because they had been reserved for the Sultan and the officials (R. Hanitsch, 1908).

(Sample Photo) One of the dishes available at Oyster Reef is called Oyster Shooter

New species

There are a few species of oysters found in Malaysia. The one that is found at Muar River and the coastal lines of Kesang has been confirmed is of new species and only found here! Nowhere on earth you can find these oysters. We are proud that we are able to trace their existence back to year 1858 and bring the outcome of the research to the public soon!

Picking wild oysters for the bottom of the river is very unique

The activity of collecting oysters is very unique here because oysters are being collected during low tide by traditional fishermen who dived into the water in small boats. Oysters are being collected from its muddy bottom at a depth of 15 to 20 feet. These fishermen are not wearing swimming equipment such as oxygen gas to collect the oysters, that is why this activity is very unique. Would you like to see them collecting oysters?

One of the dishes available at Oyster Reef is called Oyster Shooter