Pemuliharaan dan ternakan tiram spesis Crassostrea (Magallana) saidii di Sungai Merbok


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At the same time, we are continuing our research on oyster to ensure that this specific oyster species can be conserved for future generations. Yes, this species of oyster is not found anywhere else other than Malaysia. Due to its scarcity and special taste, it is expected that oyster lovers will be looking for it to taste this special dish. This species was confirmed as a new oyster species on the 12th of October 2021. To make it even more special, the oyster species was named as Crassostrea (Magallana) saidii - named after Mr Md Saidi Mohammed who found this oyster.

Mr Md Saidi Mohammed is a Malaysian citizen living in Muar and has started the research since 2013 by collaborating with various universities and institutions. To ensure the conservation is successful, various views are taken into account:

1)This oyster species is on the verge of extinction

1.1)Currently, there is no oyster population at Sungai Kesang (a river located near Sungai Muar)  although it was once said to be rich in oysters as mentioned in “The Journal Of The Indian Archipelago And Eastern Asia by J.R. Logan (1858)

1.2) The oyster population at Sungai Muar is decreasing drastically. There were 12 traditional fishermen collecting oysters in 2013, but only 4 of them  were still practicing this activity in 2022.

1.3) The flood  in 2006 caused oysters to disappear for 5 years at Sungai Muar. This was caused by the mud created by the flood which then covered the oyster population. This flood also changed the level of salinity making it not suitable for oysters’ population. Click here to view the flood near Sungai Muar in 2006.

1.4)A project called Maharani Energy Gateway will be developed near this oyster population. It involves the construction of three man-made islands covering an area of ​​1,295 hectares which aims to create an energy hub and a deep sea port. So far there is no specific studies has been carried out on its effect to oyster population. Will it bring negative impact like the flood in Muar that happened in 2006? Click here to know more about Maharani Energy Gateway.

2)  To ensure that this specific oyster species can be conserved for future generations, we are continuing our collaboration with UPM for oyster seeding in the laboratory (hatchery). We are hoping that this  research will be successful to ensure that this species is available for future generation.
3)Oyster farming at Merbok River (using wild seeds) has already been successfully carried out. This is a step ahead to ensure that we have an alternative location to do farming for this oyster species.  It is even more interesting that this oyster farm  is located at Jerai Geopark - another additional  tourist attraction for this world heritage area.

Based on  above observations, a documentary entitled Crassostrea (Magallana) saidii has been aired on 16th December 2022. The essence of this documentary is that Sungai Merbok can accept the presence of Crassostrea (Magallana) saidii oyster species with a good growth rate. In another words, Sungai Merbok can offer alternative habitat if its original habitat faces challenges due to development factors.

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